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Table Of Contents: April 2014

Wild Obsession

The perilous attraction of owning exotic pets. Owners love their pet chimps, tigers and bears. Critics say it's dangerous and cruel.

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Other Features include...

Can Coal Ever Be Clean?
We burn eight billion tons a year. Demand is surging. The challenge: control the carbon pollution.

Cosmic Dawn
When a star is born, the best way to take a look is with ALMA, the gigantic new telescope in Chile.

Romans in France
The muddy Rhône River is full of surprises: statues, luxury goods, a 102-foot-long Roman boat.

A Tale of Two Atolls
Amorous turtles and young sharks find happiness by a pair of Indian Ocean islands.

Hats Off to Breton Women
Have you ever tried to climb into a tiny car with a 13-inch-tall column of lace on your head?

Editor’s Note: The Bear in the Backyard
Turning a wild animal into a pet creates a different dynamic.

The Moment: Coal Tender
Photographer Robb Kendrick connects with a family man from a coal mining village in northern India.

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Visions of Earth
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