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Table Of Contents: November 2016

Mars: Inside the High-Risk, High-Stakes Race to the Red Planet

If the trip doesn't kill you, living there might.

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From the Editor
To Mars, by Multimedia

Why Do Octopuses Remind Us So Much of Ourselves?
They change shape and color, and squirt ink. But they also will return your gaze, "as if they're scrutinizing you."

Here Comes a Wave of Change for Cuba
Warming relations with the U.S. has an upbeat but wary island bracing for a rush of visitors from its Cold War adversary.

Cuba's Underwater Jewels Are in Tourism's Path
Will Gardens of the Queen, a sprawling marine reserve, be threatened as the island nation opens to U.S. visitors?

Can Sri Lanka Hold On to Its Fragile Peace
Seven years after a brutal civil war, the South Asian nation faces the aftermath: the tens of thousands homeless or missing.

The Secret Lives of Mexican Nuns
Cloistered in Catholic monasteries, these sisters embrace tradition, devotion—and rock-and-roll.