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Table Of Contents: May 2016

Yellowstone: Wild Heart of a Continent

It's more than just a park. It's a place where, 140 years ago, we began to negotiate a peace treaty with the wild.

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Are We Loving Yellowstone to Death?
As rural development pushes deeper into wild animals’ habitats, the park’s precious ecosystem is facing new threats.

Booming Tourism Becomes a Stress Test for Yellowstone
As crowds soar, wildlife can suffer. And for the park's human visitors, the idea of getting away from it all gets tougher.

Threatened Species Are Thriving in Yellowstone. Now What?
The park's protected ecosystem has reinvigorated what remains of the Wild West. The question is whether this is as wild as it gets.

How Ranching, Hunting Shape Protections for Bison and Elk
Both species can carry a much feared disease. But when they wander beyond Yellowstone's boundaries, only one is welcome.

The Mighty Microbes of Yellowstone
Scalding water is home to what microbiologists call extremophiles, heat-loving creatures that have figured in many scientific breakthroughs.

Great Migrations: Keeping Yellowstone’s Lifeblood Flowing
Migrating elk, pronghorn, and other wildlife help ensure a healthy ecosystem, but development could threaten their ancient routes.

‘It Really Wasn’t the Bear’s Fault’: A Grizzly Attack Survivor Reflects
Nic Patrick survived an attack by a grizzly bear at his own ranch. He recounts his story, holding no grudges.

Inside Yellowstone's Supervolcano
Think of the park as a gigantic pressure cooker, fueled by one of the most massive supervolcanoes on Earth.

Follow the Elk's Perilous Journey
Bears and wolves are emblems of Yellowstone. But the true pulse of the region is the hoofbeat of elk, the park’s most abundant large mammal.

A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone
What do bears eat? How far do they roam? Find out in this interactive journey through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.