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Table Of Contents: July 2015

Pluto at Last

Almost a decade in flight, the New Horizons spacecraft is approaching the enigmatic dwarf planet. What it will find there is anybody’s guess.

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Other Features include...

Seeking the Source of Ebola
The latest Ebola crisis may yield clues about where it hides between outbreaks.

Food Truck Revolution
Inspired by a bold chef and fueled by social media, a global food-truck craze picks up speed.

How Orcas Work Together to Whip Up a Meal
Cooperative hunting techniques provide a glimpse into the culture of killer whales.

In the Footsteps of Gandhi
India has moved on, but its Great Soul endures, if you know where to look.

Mountain Men
They reenact the early 1800s fur-trading life and celebrate self-sufficiency.

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