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Table Of Contents: September 2016

Why There's New Hope About Ending Blindness

Thanks to medical advances and expanding treatment, it's no longer just a dream.

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Other Features include...

The Blob That Cooked the Pacific
A giant patch of warm water known as the blob shocks the Pacific, in what some fear is a preview of our future oceans.

In Search of the Lost Empire of the Maya
The ambitious Snake kings used force and diplomacy to create the most powerful alliance in their culture’s history.

Why Fur Is Back in Fashion
Animal skins are being embraced by designers amid a push to make the lives and deaths of captive creatures more humane.

The Power of Parks: Are We Losing the Grand Canyon?
On a 650-mile trek, two adventurers faced danger and hardship—and saw how development could spoil an American icon.

Proof: Behind the Curtain of Vietnam's Oldest Circus
Photographer Christian Rodriguez gets an inside look at the lives of circus performers in Vietnam.