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Table Of Contents: December 2014

The Joy of Food

For as long as people have gathered to break bread together, we have savored food’s power to nourish, delight, and unite.

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Other Features include...

The Communal Table
In Milpa Alta, Mexico, the faithful eat, pray, and celebrate to keep life whole.

Cross Currents
Can a marine reserve network save some of the richest waters in the world?

Blessed. Cursed. Claimed.
Continuing his Out of Eden Walk, Paul Salopek travels through land coveted by three faiths.

Just Press Print
Coming from a 3-D printer near you: airplane parts, pizzas, living tissue, and much more.

Remember when Superfund sites were a concern? They still are.

Cowboys on the Edge
Like the feral cattle they capture, the bagualeros are a breed apart.

The Journey Continues
This month we rejoin Paul Salopek in his epic walk around the world as he treks through the Holy Land.

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