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Table Of Contents: February 2015

The Invisible War on the Brain

Blast-force brain injuries plague untold thousands of U.S. soldiers

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Other Features include...

Pure Hawaiian
The onetime sport of island chiefs, surfing binds Hawaiians to their cultural identity.

Mighty Mites
Mites crawl and breed in the strangest places. Some set up shop on bodies. Like yours.

Paradise Found
In Gran Paradiso, Italy’s oldest national park, the aim is to balance culture and conservation.

Treading Water
Rising seas around Florida foretell what climate change may eventually do to other coastlines—and economies.

Drowning World
A photographer concerned about climate change depicts flooded-out lives across the globe.

The Art of Recovery
This month we visit with veterans who are using artwork to help them cope with blast-induced injury.

Contrails and Climate Change
Aircraft contrails can spread into wispy cirrus clouds with climate change potential.

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