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How Tomb Raiders Are Stealing Our History

The illegal antiquities trade is booming, wreaking havoc on the world’s archaeological heritage.

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Other Features include...

The Power of Parks: This Park in Peru Is Nature ‘in Its Full Glory’—With Hunters
Manú National Park is a biological wonder, protected—for now—by isolation and the indigenous people deep in its rain...

He Went Face-to-Face With Tiger Sharks
A novice diver swam with some of the ocean’s most feared predators—and came away with a new appreciation for them.

Once the World’s Most Dangerous City, Juarez Returns to Life
Amid drug wars, Mexico began fixing the local justice system. Now crime is down and residents ‘are losing their fear.’

Proof: The Art of Solar Energy
Photographer Jamey Stillings takes to the air to capture new perspectives of the Crescent...