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Table Of Contents: May 2014

Feeding Nine Billion

To feed our hungry planet, we must change the way we farm—and the way we think.


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Other Features include...

Editor’s Note: Food for Thought
This month we begin a series focusing on food and the challenge of feeding a growing global population.

The Ship-Breakers
The men of Bangladesh risk their lives to tear apart cargo carriers and tankers.

The Generous Gulf
From plankton to cod to whales, the Gulf of St. Lawrence harbours a profusion of shimmering life.

Next: Degrees of Separation
The old saying "cold hands, warm heart" may have some truth to it.

Visions of Earth
Each month, National Geographic features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth.

Digging Up Utah's Dinosaurs
The hunt is on for species that lived in the state's southern desert, once part of a "lost continent".

The Moment: Tea Breakers
Photographer Mike Hettwer discovers the heart of the ship-breakers' story in a modest teahouse.

Love and Loss on the Seine
The river is a lure for romantics, tourists, sunbathers, anglers, psychiatric patients - le tout Paris.

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