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About National Geographic

Our mission in action - Inspiring people to care about the planet

Since 1888, National Geographic have travelled the Earth, sharing its amazing stories with each new generation. National Geographic's Mission Programs support critical expeditions and scientific fieldwork, encourage geography education for students, promote natural and cultural conservation, and inspire audiences through new media, vibrant exhibitions, and live events. Witness the mission in action, and get involved today!

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National Geographic grants support exploration, research, and conservation efforts around the globe. Our grantees make exciting new discoveries every day in both traditional and emerging fields. At the heart of our Explorers program is the quest for knowledge through exploration and the people who make it possible.

Grants and Programs
National Geographic's programs support critical scientific research, geographic exploration, and environmental and cultural conservation worldwide.

Experience National Geographic in Person
Experience the world up close and in person at National Geographic exhibitions and live events at our headquarters in Washington, D.C., and in cities across the United States and the world.

Inspiring the Next Generation
National Geographic are part of a nationwide grassroots effort to enrich the geographic literacy of the world’s youth by inspiring students and sharing the best educational resources with teachers.

After more than a century the National Geographic Partners today reaches more than 350 million people each month and is propelled by new concerns: the alarming lack of geographic knowledge among our nation’s young people and the pressing need to protect the planet’s natural resources. As our mission grows in urgency and scope, National Geographic Partners continues to develop new and exciting vehicles for broadening our reach and enhancing our legendary ability to bring the world to our millions of members.

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