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Access Keys and Alternative Navigation

Most Web browsers support jumping to specific links through the use of keyboard shortcuts that can be defined on the Web site.

Access keys are defined because not all users are able to use a mouse, and several alternative browsing devices do not employ a'point and click' interface.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

In Microsoft Internet Explorer, the access key is ALT + Access key
(if you are using Internet Explorer, press Return to follow the link);

Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and before the access key is ALT + Access key

In Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and beyond the access key is ALT + SHIFT + Access key

Apple Macintosh

On Macintosh, you can press Control + Access key.

The following access keys are used on this site:
Page: Home Page: Access Key: H
Page: About Us: Access Key: A
Page: Current Issue: Access Key: F
Page: Why Subscribe: Access Key: W
Page: Special Offer: Access Key: S
Page: Gift Subscription: Access Key: G